We use only materials that are produced and processed in Italy to offer you our highest guarantee of quality and safety. We’ve always been committed to respecting industry standards, using new technologies that allow us to replace commonly used chemical additives with products having a low environmental impact. Thanks to years of experimentation, studies and innovation in the plastics field, we now have machines able to mould a variety of materials: TPU, TPE, TR and PVC.


Thermoplastic polyurethane


Thermoplastic elastomer


Polyvinyl chloride



Plastic moulding

We stand out from the crowd for the exceptional variety of machinery we use.
Our hydraulic, static (vertical and horizontal closing) and rotary presses perform precise and rapid injection moulding, and can emboss three colours with different densities in a single article. This capability is especially desirable for moulding soles, to provide a very wide variety of solutions.

Mould testing and development

We guarantee fast response times for every request, whether our customers start the design on their own or require support to study and create the models.
We identify the best materials for every project, and create and test moulds with the support of external specialists.
Our customers can be active participants in every phase of production. They have a single contact throughout the entire process, from design to production.

Product support and industrialisation

We offer not only a product, but a complete service that meets qualitative, quantitative, design and deadline requirements. We provide specific assistance and advice with regard to both the product and the production process.
We guarantee quality and safety through the suppliers we choose, the materials we select and the manufacturing processes we use.
Our processing covers all industry needs and concludes with product packaging and shipping.

Material and mixture testing

Our highly specialised personnel perform testing to choose the most suitable material for every type of processing, to guarantee our customers maximum performance.
We conduct colour testing to obtain the best aesthetic finish, defining the degree of opacity and brightness depending on your needs. Colours are defined based on Pantone™ cards and we work on hue intensity to realize even translucent effects.

Warehouse and internal logistics

With 1,000 square meters of warehouse space, we can store goods internally to provide logistic support.
We use our own vehicles for delivery or domestic couriers for express service.
We provide both transport and administration for international shipments.